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    Christian dating advice bible

    Now before you say – hey wait a minute that’s judging!

    I’m not judging where this poor man’s soul went – I have no idea what conversations his spirit had with God’s holy spirit in his last days. What I am saying is, the key for an artist to be peaceful is to always look for ways to expound and amplify God’s amazing creation and spotlight His glory as many of the old great composers and artists did.

    So let’s have it – the b Ible verse that tells us that alcohol is not good for a Christian; notice it does not forbid alcohol, but merely shows us unequivocally that it’s not God’s desire for Christians to be anything other than 100% sober-minded. Because we live in a world of traps set by our adversary, and alcohol stops the mind and conscience and will functioning properly. And aren’t we meant to also be preparing the way for the Lord? Sure it’s debated wether Jesus drank wine at the wedding – perhaps he did as it was customary.

    He certainly made wine so it’s not evil in itself – nothing is.

    Here’s the reason (without wanting to be harsh); spinning spastic discs at a 1000 decibels to drunken revelling crowds is vacuous – it serves no purpose than than to stir up the carnal rebellious nature of man.Not only that – when you have done your design tests, changed your font colours and got your page layout how you want it, you can export the code – or copy and paste it into the ‘Additional CSS’ part of your website and all your changes will be added to the live site.While I was scouting the net I came across many good tools for doing this – like the free Word Press Yellow Pencil plugin and others – but Canvas Flip is most definitely my choice (remember I hate complicated web stuff! Well since I am no expert – I will let the guys at WPCrafting explain exactly how to use this amazing piece of CSS web design software and show you how it will dramatically speed up your designing-time and allow you to get on with other things more pressing! Why is it so critical that we learn to give our fellow human beings when they hurt us and harm us?God never has a problem with living normally and in some wine in moderation can never do much harm.The trouble is – one leads to two – leads to three – leads to debauchery and in the end madness and mayhem and all kinds of ungodliness.They say a disproportionate number of artists are ‘mad’ and suffer from depression and the rest. We are all a mixture and can be anywhere on the creative/academic scale, and that scale is not linear as we suppose but multi-dimensional – we are all a REAL mix of gifting and abilities.Well we’ve known that for years just by observing the pop culture – we don’t need another million dollar study to tell us why. Sure artists are generally more left-brained and therefore emotionally more connected than our pure maths counterparts (did I get that the right way round? No one is just ‘an artist’ or ‘a poet’ or a ‘mathematician’ – we are people – who have different levels of abilities that express themselves in a million ways from music to maths and everything in between – they are all connected.If you don’t want to read on you can get the visual inspector CSS tool here. Why is that – because it’s soooo simple to use – even for Internet morons like me who are only capable of basics when it comes to Internet web designing.This tiny little (but powerful) tool installs on your web browser in 1-click and allows you not only to see which part of your webpage uses which bit of CSS code – it lets you edit and test the look of your webpage design and layout in real-time.If we are honest – the above verse shows us what would be His – God’s preference if we are to get serious about Jesus and set an example of supreme sober-mindedness and focus on godly things.I don’t think anyone can argue that verse and we you do – it’s at our peril.I’ve certainly drunk my fair share of alcohol – especially in my misguided youth whilst at college, and frankly I’m ashamed of what I did.That said – let’s get to the question; Should a Christian drink alcohol?Well – the answer is surprisingly simple, and no it’s not like asking many other questions that because they are omitted or not mentioned it is and often wrongly assume something is ok.

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