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    Dating a good man sap2016 error updating analysis cases

    And he is happily married and I think he would never cheat.

    In fact he actively runs away from the women who seem to pursue him at times!

    Don't get me wrong, he's not George Clooney, but he's the kind of bloke that women look at - he's tall, tanned, dark hair, great body etc. when we're out together, it's not too bad in the sense that he's with me, and generally speaking it's fine (although there was the time when we were out at a bar, I came back from the loo and was stopped by a woman who asked if I was really 'with' him, or whether she could go and talk to him).

    But in his line of work, he is constantly meeting new people, and clients. He's had notes passed to him, invites out for drinks etc., his trainees always seem to fall for him etc. He is not the type who reciprocates (and indeed he has never been out with someone he met through work or in that way).

    BUT just because someone is good looking doesnt mean they will cheat on you.

    and also he's never made me feel like he might cheat (especially as we are still at that lovely shagging at every available opportunity stage ) but if I'm honest it does my head this what life is going to be like?Indeed some may be more inclined to cheat because they are in greater need of an ego boost.And a third point of view: maybe it will go pear-shaped later on, but for now you're having a great time so why end it just in case it doesn't last?I'm a pretty good catch myself (smart, independent, not too bad looking etc)I just take pride in the fact i have him and you should do the same. We entered a Hunger Games contest for fun, and he won a big prize for 'best look-alike' (to Gale AKA Liam Hemsworth... He gets a LOT of looks and women 'casually' rearranging their top/skirt when we go out but I doubt anyone would actually hit on him when he's with me. My ex-h was very good looking (he used to model to earn extra cash) and I have literally been shoved out of way by women, blanked and sneered at.If they did he and I both would tell them to go straight to hell! I used to find it interesting to watch to be honest and I shudder to think what it must be like to be with rich/good looking/famous man with women far more determined. There is a song that goes, 'If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife'.I've posted about him before, his past isn't exactly rosy (twice divorced) but we are really happy, I'm loved up and I'm absolutely sure he is too. In fact, after the nightmare of breaking up with my ex-H it's quite a contrast.BUT - and this may sound silly - he's what you'd call 'very good looking'.There are all sorts of reasons why it might have to end at some time in the future, but if you never take a chance on someone you can look forward to a rather lonely existence.Finally, here's some music Oh, that's deeply reassuring, thank you. Feelings of jealousy are definitely linked to my own self esteem so maybe I'll just work on that and keep being myself, as suggested!I do think he is more attractive than me (not hugely though of course ) but I do take the point that someone is either a cheater or not. Thanks ladies xxx My husband is very very good looking and has a very fit body.He gets lots of attention and admiring looks (and gets women asking him out even when he has is wedding ring on!I have to say that I have no experience of going out with someone like this at all.My exes have all been kind of average looking IYSWIM.)but actually he is quite shy and has always found it quite intimidating.

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