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    Or, as we have been often asked by older women considering prospective male companions: are they truly looking for companionship, or someone to nurse them through their later years? Es decir, yo me he sumergido de lleno en la experiencia.

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    She added a black blazer to add a little class but was only thinking of sex now!He walked over to them and started talking to her mom. A pulsing cock plunging so deep inside, she would feel it in her pussy. Cindy needed some action and excused herself to go to the bathroom.Without knowing why, she immediately trusted this stranger, and yet there was something dangerously mysterious about him. Her fantasy was making her hot, and she could feel moistness between her legs.She was horny and wanted this man who was walking towards them! She had changed her panties, the others were completely soaked, and put on a striped tube top and left her bra at home. Cindy had an affair about eight years ago but never told Gene.She has found men attractive for the last few years and had many fantasies about the men in her life.He rammed harder and harder, forcing her face deeper in the chair.

    " Grasping soft hair, he jerked her head, stretching her neck backward. He lifted her and pressed her back against the front of a van and grabbed at her black jeans, opening them and then pulling them down.He pushed her backward against the front of a van and she braced herself on the hood as he reached down and pushed her soft thighs apart, exposing the tender flesh between them.Her labia felt tightly closed, wetness glistening at the thin middle split. He knelt in front of her and buried his face in her soft fuzzy mound, his tongue stabbing at the folds of her wet pussy.His hands now slipped inside her blazer and around to the silkiness of the skin on her back. And now without any warning, he snapped at her, his tone completely changed, and she flinched as she heard "Tell me what you want, bitch.His hands then moved lower, cupping her ass and pulling her tight and fast to him. She tasted sweet, fragrance of hot sex, now overpowering their bottled fragrances. Tell me how you want to be fucked." She had the urge to suck his cock, swirl her tongue wetly around the silky pink head, "Fuck my mouth," she answered without hesitation."I should have started this earlier in the week," she laughed. " She had talked to her mother earlier and arrangements were made for Amber to spend the night with a friend and Cindy and her mother went to the VFW for dinner and drinks.Cindy had been there many times before with her mother and also with her husband. After they finished dinner, she saw the man again and started to melt just looking at him, a fine specimen of man.She felt alone since the rest of the family lived in the Midwest, but went there because her husbands work was there and he made good money! She noticed that she was alone with her boss as she headed to say good night. She was wishing that the man she had fantasies about, would fuck her! "I'm sorry," she realized that she'd been caught looking at his lap, "I wasn't listening." "If you're that interested, I could show you what's inside my pants," Dick offered. " Cindy dropped her purse and knelt in front of him, her hands rubbing his inner thighs, "Please show me! " Dick quickly opened his pants and worked his cock out of his jockey shorts. " At this point, she was about ready for any, but she really wanted this one! She licked his cock along the thick vein and then twirled her tongue around the mushroom head.Gene left early Monday morning, leaving his wife alone with their seven year old daughter, and would be gone until the following Sunday. She started coming on to her boss, but he seemed too busy to notice! She strolled in Dick's office, just like every day, and smiled, "Good night," she smiled, "Have a nice weekend." "And you do the same," Dick turned his chair towards her. "I think now that you've seen it," Dick reached out and grabbed her head, "I think you had better take it in your mouth! Dick groaned a hollow sound and ordered, "Suck me now! " Cindy gripped him with one hand, limiting how much would she would take and wildly sucked up and down on his thick manhood.His long, thick cock was poised over wet lips, tracing them.Her tongue darted out, licking furiously, hungrily, her lips smacking as she wet the pulsing head with her desire.She found a dark area and started rubbing her crotch hard with her fingertips. He slid his thumbs inside the top of her tube top and pulled it down, "I think your nipples need attention first," he leaded forward and took them in his mouth, one at a time, gently rolling them with his lips and then a gentle bite on the hard nipple. She had learned how to lose her mind to fantasy and was drifting into one right now!She moaned and knew she needed to get her pants down and her fingers inside her pussy! She moaned softly, her hands rubbing the back of his head. While her thighs were opened and explored, and then, just when she felt ready to scream with passion , fingers would be replaced with a man's cock, gently inside her, slowly in and out, deeper, she fertilized, her juices replenished by his sticky cum.He had second thoughts about leaving her when he kissed her goodbye at the airport, but left anyway. Now it was Friday and she'd been a doing without all week! Her eyes dropped to his lap and she unconsciously moistened her lips with her tongue. " "Maybe I shouldn't," she teased, her eyes focused on the thick, bulbous head atop the shaft that was just inches from her lips. She had dreamed about this many times and had sat with wet panties at work just thinking of how she'd do this. Dick turned her around and had her lean forward, her hands on the arms of one of the chairs in his office. " Dick guided his cock to her lips and pushed inside her, Cindy's fingers and his, adding to the workout she was receiving.

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