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    She got her first movie breakthrough in the 2007 movie, Superbad and the 2009 movie, Zombieland. The unguided sexual energy of the Gemini will create problems for the Cancer.

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    She'e afraid Preeldent Clbiton'e roadleee plan will bump her from her favorite winter mo tain In the Teigbee National Fores L administration. Jones had victory' on his mind os he swerved high and low behind Ward to try and find a hole to fly past the leader. Rontel Assistonca avail 73S-6048 Equal Housinp Opportunity.

    ' the United Four Wheel I They also say recreation Assodations in Chesapeake, groups have been increasingly told the subcommittee ca complaining about rtmd closures this month that a host of F and other actions in forests that Service efforts - proposed seem to be giving the administra- ning regulations, a propi don a track record of restricting • transportation policy and recreational acc es s. But Ward had the horsepower in the stretches to stay with Jones through lop 47.

    u ■ Z For more information please call: “ Char Basila-Davis at 737-2448 or . The dty lost week granted o one-month reprieve for the third shelter, which houses families - some 200 people in all, 140 of them chil- dren. not that easy.” The West’s hot technology mar- ket has helped drop San Diego’s unemployment rate to just 2.6 percent But for someone with no hi^-te^ 'skills, or with no ability to read, there is little opportunity; At the St. Between 19, rental units affordable to families with Incomes in the bottom 30 pexeemt for their area shrank by 5 percent. Cfn her way up the ranks, the 5-foot-4, 12S-pound Claunch even 6utperfbrmed*men-on-the- - school’s! “Not'ti'day'goes by that you don’t readisomething about how there, should be changes in cer- ^ tain statmards for men and worndn,” -V m I Superintendent Josiah Bun’’^"- yotmg\wotr her .-class i^ai.d, ’Judge cadets dnd Vecognize u: achiev^on ^our system.' And : ■ ■ r I ■■ ■ ^ — Erin Claunch, a Virginia A4llltary tmtltuta eadat,risen to the ranks of bat- talion commamlor.'tba aacon Mlgheit atudant military rank at the aehoal. Department, die school would District Judge Jackson Kiser file more extensive reports on its would dismiss the case. ,pos^.th*t,-would remove the Cbhfqdara.le^South 'Coiqilimli&mtehc^^ dome faces ' ari''uphll Kbllttle in the. Chadwick turned In a time of 12.97 leconds end won the event by neerfy elx seconds over second-place Broden Matthews ot Oakley.

    Among them is Debbie Stewart, who holds out hope she will find housing for her and her six chil- dren, ages 4 to 14, by the May IS dosing of the St. Vincent de Paul Village shelter, an average of more than 300 men, women and children - twice the number last year - sought refuge each night. Housing shortages were most severe in the West, the report sai± Stewart had rented a Hve-bed- room home south of Son Diego for ^ a month. Under an 'agrj Mmem between tronsidon to coeducation through VMI and thf U. women Today, there are women amonc^e 1,200 cadets at VMT-' less than 5 percent of U;/ dent body. statc : H6Use;'ilv&ide'most black law- 'makers 'say:diey will vote against -the b Ui: V-;.:';:' . of the 26 black Mmembb^df 'die House fed that bill pas^ by the Senate Oit' Thursday dppsn’t go far epbugh, said House-Minority Leader Gilda Cobb-Hunter. Strawberries Fresh Values Price FOR General Mllli 17^ oz. try not to get over the front of Five bull riders rode to the him.” horn Soturday.

    ^^^^| for the personal service you deserve d^nise ■ INSURANCE 1 70S FUlmorc. • "These giant sequoias clearly are the work of the ages,” the president' said. er than a bus.” In a decision praised by envi-' ronmentalists but scorned by log- gers and others as o federal land 'pab, Clinton ordered the forma- tion of a natienud monument that will halt commercial timber mining and some recreational activities. Racing returns to the track next Saturday at 7 p.m.

    Twin • 73\ 5 (P- 6 (P Off Regular Price MY BACK PAIN IS GONE! Motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles will be allowed only on regular roads while snowmobiles will be restricted to wc U-travcled areas. de«cf1bei tha akataboanlln S advanturta of her son Raymond, 4, Wadn^y at Uw St, Vincent da Paul hocnaless ahaltar In San DIago. Homeless in paradise With winter shelters closing, homeless see uncertain future SAN DIEGO (AP) - Each spring. when the Modifieds, Grand National Sportsmen, Fony and Thunder .stocks resume their pursuit of the points championship.

    ^Sowtcxtlh Mounk Wi)/ s Wcxxl River Mail^ ’ ; Con Uni Md fmn A1 A ptunp's cost ranges from sev- -. Blit p4^dwe U legation is Qci^ deadiog with the amount of space os thej Xwln Foils Water m Ula.yet, but he expects a rate bas^ o^'lot size would be cheap ^Caldyj^ 'Ir^don-£Md hoo V upia portiop of C er i^aa berate based on gallons : hot affordable then we Milted said.

    That’s a larger undertaking, but it would carry with it some economies of scole, developers “Our plan is to design' it and. then construct it and we would put the pipe in,” said Jack Straubhor, a company investor and hydroelectric engineer., Straubhor sold the water com- pany would run a water line to a homeowner or business property line. ‘ '‘i T*' Caldwell Irrigation provide, irrigation water to about 9C^ acres of dty property, rihdudln^ parks, the dty*s golf costrse, f ’ schools and several hundred dents. It's not a real cotnmon-prac- dco but it seems to be a pretty popular thing. Times-Ne\w telephone' directory Ctefc Wah Niifa, Mahaitiog Editor X 0 via Ridi M; Cioi. f deer as the scent of pine trees breezes by- "It gives you a feeling for the land you just can’t get any other way,” says Cook of Idaho Falls ’ *'r Wl)en you can go through h^h powder, it’s like flying." But Cook has a-nasty feeling the clock is dcldng on her fun. ■^Balnmorewfielder Cat Rjpkai, v Jto on Sattitriay becatnedie24th ptayrin tnqjorlea^te history to tvatii 3,000hits Today’s schedule Golf Buhl Amateur, at Clear Lake C. In brief Twin Falls Traveling AIFStars hold tryouts TWIN FALLS - The Twin Falls All-Star baseball clubs ore hold- ing tryouts oc the College of Southern Idaho’s Frontier Field next Friday, April 21, and Saturday, April 22, for Little Leaguers. For more' information, call Gary Cook at 733-1915 or 733-1804.

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    Most Water company representa- idyes and dty leaders will meet soon pvhich have not yet been otlculac- ,ed. and other areas .733-0931 Sunday S7.00 per week, dilly only'^. Mail information Subscription rates Home delivery: dally and Sunday. ; -Mail subscriptions must be paid In advance j available only. They are people like Mary Margaret Sloan, president of the American Hiking Society in Silver Spring, Md., who relishes . She contends that all-terrain vehicles are noisy, degrade the environment, harm wildlife and even endanger other people in . "1 vrauld not be unhappy if the roadless'inidadve limited - snowmobile access to certain .areas,” Hedberg said. ior ^|5 odak Film or Camera 3 1 Multi Pack 200 Speed Film or 27 Exposure One Time Use Camera I ivith Flesh Tiesh Vabies Price Rdiahce and Shm Energy. f •Probo sk et b a B • •Piofioif •Pioroatbo D ' • Idaho cs Uqpqxxo •Plbboscball . jrs notlop Jate_to Jqln_ Oasis Best Ball field TWIN FALLS - Some spots remain for next weekend’s Oasis Two-person Best Ball golf touma- ' ment at Canyon Springs and the Jerome Country Gub golf courses. Individual or four-member teams can join by calling league officers Marsha at 678-1369.

    I^They point out that environ- m'enttdlsts-l^ve been pressing • i ' administratioh officials to restrict . “Rus did an awesome job ond really, every- body did an excellent job toni^it.” Jones caught a break when a fast Harold Wartluft, who ran near the lead most of the way, spun out following the race’s tliird caution on lap 37.

    I d H-road vehicles as part of the - ^ it^tiative, and that sudi activists' ~ I ilsem to carry clout with the / Adana Cook of Idaho Pads enjoys an outing near Alpine, Wyo. Wartluft’s mishap allowed Jones to regroup, and when the green flag flew, ilic "i Wld-hnired” one found himself in Ward’s rearview mirror tiutmgh lap 40.

    - Pago A2 : Magic Valley Founder's Day: Gooding resi- dents enjoyed a tractor pull on Saturday. Most likely Jtwill-be a monthly- I rate based upon lot size, though ; the rates have not been deter- mined 'yet, Twin- Falls City En^eer Gary Young said. The developer's cost to lay down irrigation lines varies with the development’s size. Monthly rates avalloblo Call Karlo for more Info WINDERMERE Property Martegemant 734-4334 2000 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE GLS eppla, W/D hookup.

    Page Bl tij Brtainlystati^eal: I^pulation figures pl^ a big part in business dedsions. Asfllui K ^t OLts IASCAR rac- ingofficia Uy 0 r-sreatef chance- of rain, Sa T. wonts to hook up the whole dty- ot least several thousand acres. Thunday it hereby dcslgnsted as the day pf the week on which legal notices will be published — Postmaster; pleaseaend.change of~ . ., With pressurized irrlgauon,' chat rate will increase to .50. Users will get improved accetifi' CO water, thou^ . Now they can use' irrig^ tion water seyen days aweekj^ Barrie said. Tryouts for 9- and 10-ycar-olds are Saturday at 10 aun.

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