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    It’s good that my Russian is very basic and doesn't include rude words or we would have been banned from that office.

    We were quite sure the British embassy wouldn’t rewrite it the way she wanted as it’s a standard document.

    So if you are in a rush remember that even after the 3 weeks waiting there is potentially 2 days of extra waiting around for the certificate. Take your passport to an official translator in Minsk and they will be able to translate the personal details page of your passport into Russian and then notarize this translation. The Police where I register never heard about this.

    I anticipated this would happen and so anyway I had my worldwide insurance certificate of quite a well known company going by the name of American Express with me.

    The last few weeks and last few days in particular have proved to be very difficult for us and finding information about this process is almost impossible.

    I hope I can somehow help someone else out by putting this information online.

    I also heard the US embassy does them (as long as they continue to have an embassy in Belarus) and probably others do to. However if you want to get married in Belarus you need to quickly develop a persistent attitude, in my experience people in Belarus will always give the answer that will get rid of you the quickest, they seem to have no interest in actually helping you, so work out what you need to know and keep asking and asking.21 days later you can return to the embassy to swear on the bible that you are available for marriage and pay another 4 for the privilege. Marx St 37 which conveniently for us Brits is just around the back of the British embassy.This might not be quick; I was there at 9.30 in the morning and only left with the certificate at about 16.30. At the time of writing they only accept documents from 15.00 until 16.00 (so of course it was closed after we finished at the embassy) and then allow you to collect the notarized copy between 19.00 and 20.00. All they do is stamp and sign it which actually the British embassy already did but you will get used to such stupid systems. embassy in London British citizens don’t need insurance.Some police offices may be more relaxed about this though, difficult to know until you try.Structure of the Universe Does the Universe have an edge, beyond which there is nothing? The part of the universe we can observe from Earth is filled more or less uniformly with galaxies extending in every direction as far as we can see - more than 10 billion light-years, or about 6 billion trillion miles. Are the galaxies arranged on the surface of a sphere? Galaxies are not actually arranged on the surface of a sphere.Eventually after yet another long wait she announced that we are very lucky and they will allow us to use this document. You may have noticed that if you get your ‘certificate of non-impediment’ in Belarus and plan to stay until you get married that you will be in Belarus far longer than the usual 30 day visa.You can get longer visas but it’s more complicated to get one.I was in the situation of having a 30 day visa but needed at least 36 days from applying for the certificate until the day of the marriage.Of course after 2 extra days getting the certificate in Minsk, an extra days delay due to our ‘helpful’ woman at the registry office and also losing a day for Christmas it ended up being quite a bit longer for us. However we found out at the British embassy (the waiting around was productive) that I can actually go to the police and extend my visa.Space was just the "emptiness" in which matter lived. During the twentieth century, scientists learned that space is not "nothingness." First, Einstein showed that space has structure: It is flexible and can be stretched.(In fact, when astronomers talk about the "expansion of the universe," they are referring to the stretching of space between clusters of galaxies - NOT to the motion of galaxies through space.) Later, scientists found other properties of space. This misconception causes more confusion than any other in cosmology. There is no evidence that the universe has an edge.We know that the galaxies must extend much further than we can see, but we do not know whether the universe is infinite or not. ) to galaxies "near the edge of the universe," they are referring only to the edge of the OBSERVABLE universe - i. Many students and teachers mistakenly believe that the galaxies in the universe are arranged on the surface of a sphere.We rang the British embassy and explained and as predicted they said they wouldn’t change it, so she asked if they can talk to the ‘helpful’ woman.

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